Obligatory First Post

Hello all!

After years of travelling literally miles around Britain and taking many, many photos of various chain-link fences and close ups of walls, I decided to create a blog.

Considering I like to talk about myself (and who doesn’t) and what I do, I figured that I should start recording everything I do whilst travelling because there is only so much you can put in a Facebook post. Skipping the obligatory boring introduction post telling you in depth who, what, why, when and how, let’s just get straight in.

My job working in a department store funds my travel habit. I spend a lot of free money and all my annual leave going somewhere… anywhere. Whether it’s going on holiday for a few days, spending the night somewhere or a day-trip just to take photos, it’s just nice to have a change of scenery sometimes. It has however become a running-joke at work where my colleagues will say “You’re going away AGAIN!”

At the time of writing I am 33 years old, and surprisingly to a lot of my friends I have only been to six countries – England, France, Ireland, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. Will I visit more? You bet your sweet ass I will! I have a few countries on my hit-list (not in an ISIS style) including the Netherlands, Ukraine, Russia, China and North Korea, if they would ever let me in (Kim Jong Un might think I’m a bit iffy).

Along with being an amateur traveller, I am also an alright amateur photographer with my trusted Nikon D40 by my side. I have used a Nikon E8800 in the past, and HTC and iPhones too. There is always the risk of it falling off a mountain, drowning in the Atlantic or being stolen as I’m being kidnapped and sold into prostitution (a good-looking guy like me, could happen). With every risk there’s also the reward of sharing some of the awesome things that I have seen over the years.

Porth Hellick

At this point you’re probably wondering why have I called this blog ‘Politically Incorrect Travel Man,’ sounding like the member of The Avengers that no-one likes to talk about, and not anything else. Well let’s break it down into its three parts. Firstly the last time I checked I am a man so that solves that bit, secondly I like to travel so I thought I would shoehorn that in and lastly I put politically incorrect at the beginning because, as you may have worked out, I’m a bit of a cunt. Plus ‘Terry does the UK’ sounds too much like a film you watch with the curtains closed!

In all seriousness though, a friend of mine had described me as a “… politically incorrect Bill Bryson.” Bryson was the guy who wrote the book ‘Notes From a Small Island‘ where he travelled around Britain one last time before moving back to the United States. I can’t say I’ve been around Britain as much as he has (and he’s not even from here dammit) but I can guarantee there are more knob gags than his book.

Like Mr. Bryson I’m going to write about places I’ve been to (obviously) in no particular order and give the World my opinion if I think that they’re any good and worth visiting. So enjoy!


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